Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beached Whaler

"Beached Whaler"     Oil      18x24

This painting was done as a lesson for my Youtube channel:


anthony.smartin said...

U R a fantastic artist and, I take inspiration from your work and teachings. Thank you for the time and skill you share.
Do you display your originals and sales in a gallery/Cruise ship or auctions? Do you teach via the net/ Ustream or Skype?

Carlos said...

just to say the paintings are just FANTASTIC!

You are a skilled person. Thank you for your time and lessons!

This is the beauty of life itself

salamander67 said...

"Inspirational" at the very least. The videos that I stumbled across on YouTube of "Beached Whaler" has propelled me to learn the art of oil painting. I Joined this blog in hopes of locating more instructional videos, thank you jimmy3d